Ralph Tashjian | Promotions Man, Visionary
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Ralph Tashjian

Promotions Man, Visionary


It’s cliche, but true, that the only constant in the music industry is change. And with every change, the industry discards its own people in droves – artists, managers, producers and executives. Yet in this brutal business, Ralph Tashjian has survived and thrived for more than 40 years as a promoter and record executive. Whether working for major labels or his own shops, Ralph has the knowledge, skills and intuition to make it big, and do it all over again. With his track record of dozens of gold- and platinum-selling albums, and successful marketing and promotions companies, Ralph keeps up with every twist and turn in the music business. Check in to ​interceptmusic.com to find out more about the latest adventure from this inveterate master of the business.

My Work

Drawing from my experience working with iconic artists who include Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre and Snoop, I fuel ​interceptmusic.com with the same passion and tenacity that helped many of those artists reach the top.

Ralph (aka “Ralphie”) For the past 40 years in the music industry, Ralph has never been afraid of risk and has an innate ability to look toward the future. He began as a local promoter and went on to hold a number of key promotion positions at MCA Universal, 20th Century Records, Motown Records, and Island Records. Eventually he opened his own marketing firm and record label, Modern Music Marketing. Ralph’s mission is to make ​interceptmusic.com the best global digital distribution and marketing company with services for both established and independent artists.

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