Promotions Man, Visionary

Mr. Tashjian

has partnered with Kurt Heidolph to form Digital Music Universe.

Digital Music Universe

A remarkable online initiative fulfilling the overlooked needs of the music industry.

Track record

Mr. Tashjian will undoubtedly add this current venture to his long list of successes.


Drawing on his past experience knows that the key to a great success is to offer something truly unique.

My Work

Drawing from my experience working with iconic artists who include Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Dr. Dre and Snoop, I fuel DMU with the same passion and tenacity that helped many of those artists reach the top.

Ralph (aka “Ralphie”) leads DMU’s vision and artist relations. He is responsible for providing strategic leadership and ensuring our goals and plans live and breathe.

For the past 40 years in the music industry, Ralph has never been afraid of risk and has an innate ability to look toward the future. He began as a local promoter and went on to hold a number of key promotion positions at MCA Universal, 20th Century Records, Motown Records, and Island Records. Eventually he opened his own marketing firm and record label, Modern Music Marketing. Ralph’s mission is to make DMU the best global digital distribution and marketing company with services for both established and independent artists.

Since joining DMU, Ralph has been instrumental in forming the team, dreaming up the concept of what DMU should be, raising funds, and developing deep partnerships with other industry veterans.

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